How Leisure Car Rental Started

Our firm started small but we immediately made a lasting impression with clients. We started offering our St. Maarten Car Rental service in 2007 with just one car and no clients but what we had was a determination to succeed, an enthusiasm to offer superior customer service and a lot of heart.

Why We Are Different

Our first challenge was to position our firm in a St. Martin marketplace that offered multiple car rental options. Almost every other firm claimed to be the best or offer the lowest price. We made the bold decision to market ourselves differently. Instead of trying to compete on price, we focused on customer satisfaction and trusted that our clients would value quality service above all else. It was a risk, but one we are glad we took.

They say that experience is the best teacher and that was certainly true when we were developing our business philosophy. One member of our team shared a personal experience that caused a collective light bulb to go off in our heads. It seems that when he purchased his first car in 2003 he had a very positive experience during the actual sales transaction.
The salesperson was nice and helpful and went above and beyond in order to close the sale. Once the sale was complete, however, the experience was not so good. When the car developed some minor problems, the salesperson and the dealership were unreachable. In fact it was as if the dealership had disappeared. After hearing that story we decided that our firm would be different. We would offer exceptional customer service before, during and after our interaction with a client.

Our Mission Statement

We immediately decided to see each and every reservation not as a piece of paper to be processed but as the individual person who made the reservation. Whether our client is renting for business or pleasure, using one of our cars is important to them and having a reliable vehicle and reliable service representatives is essential for them to have a positive experience.

Every member of our team goes above and beyond to deliver 100% customer satisfaction. The bottom line is that we are not happy unless the customer is happy!

The Results

Our decision to position the firm in this way has paid off beyond our expectations. From that one car with no clients just seven years ago, we are now known as the most reliable and most trusted car rental agency in St. Maarten. Clients understand that we offer fast, efficient service 24 hours a day.

We are also known for our innovative approach to car rentals. We recently introduced our Comprehensive Zero Deductible Insurance Coverage that protects clients from any possible damage. With this ZD coverage clients never again have to pay for a scratch, ding, dent, blown tire, lock out, lost key or even a stolen or totaled car. The ZD coverage is just another example of how we put the customer first and we are constantly thinking of new ways to offer our clients an exceptional experience.

What Can You Expect When You Reserve a Car with Our Firm?

Before You Arrive:

Our reservation system is fast and simple to use. When you reserve you will immediately receive a confirmation. If there is a problem or you have any questions our customer service phone lines are open 24 hours a day and are staffed by real people who have answers to any question you may have. We also entertain any special requests no matter what they may be and we are the only car rental company on St, Maarten that offers this service. Examples of some of the requests we have honored in the past include: non-smoking Car, free island maps, 6am car return, detailed directions, child seats and even guides. All of our prices are in US Dollars.

After Your Rental Car Experience:

Once you turn in your car, the experience is not over. If you need us for any reason or have any questions we are available to assist you. Some may wonder why they would need to communicate with us after a successful rental experience. Well, we have the answer, and once again it’s based on our past experience. Often, renters are in a hurry to return their car and be on their way and it is common for us to find items that have been forgotten and left behind. In the past we have inspected a returned car and found things like laptop computers, cameras, sunglasses, jewelry and much more. When we discover these items, we do everything in our power to reunite them with their owners.

We also work with you and/or your insurance company if there is ever an accident during your rental period and you want to use your personal insurance to pay for the damages. This can be a stressful situation, especially for people traveling to our island from international destinations. We make sure that in the unlikely event that you have to deal with this issue it is as painless as possible, with little or no stress for you.

You will also hear from us on a regular basis about discounts or new programs, and if you decide to rent from us again, all you have to do is tell us you are a returning customer and we will offer any number of special promotions including free upgrades, significant discounts and even a free gift waiting for you in your next rental car.

Our success speaks for itself and we now have a large number of repeat clients and the number of cars we can offer has grown significantly. So if you are looking for a superior rental experience please feel free to email us.